Clarity of Expression

Editing, Writing, and Consulting Services

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Clarity of Expression specializes in the following types of editing and writing services:

Stylistic editing: Clarifying meaning, eliminating jargon and improving the flow of language and ideas. May include checking or correcting the reading level, creating or recasting tables and/or figures, and negotiating changes with the author.

Substantive and structural editing: Clarifying and/or reorganizing a manuscript for content and structure. May include some rewriting, with author's agreement.

Developmental editing: Developing or helping to develop a project from proposal and rough manuscript to final manuscript or final product, incorporating input from author(s) and others. May include scheduling, costing/budgeting, supervising design and coordinating production.

Rewriting: Creating a new manuscript or parts of a manuscript based on existing text. Generally involves additional research and writing new material.

Writing: Creating a new work based on research done by the editor/writer. May include editing, depending on the project arrangements.

Copy Editing: Editing for grammar, spelling, punctuation and other mechanics of style.

Consultation for academic writers: Preliminary or developmental discussion about an academic thesis or research project.

*note: definitions sourced from the "What Editors Do" section of the Professional Editors Association of Vancouver Island website